Our History

Succce started in 2014 when we, based on a need basis from the intensive care unit, developed a concept where smart technology is used to reduce stress for patients, relatives and health care workers.

With headquarters in Karlskrona - a place with great knowledge in software development - we have a huge potential to succeed in reaching the market.
The company currently engages more than 22 people in different divisions of work, from software development and customer contacts to research. The inspiror to the project, Arnstein Njåstad, worked with IT in healthcare in the early nineties and has helped to launch several successful IT solutions in healthcare.

The founder of SUCCCE AB, Nordic Industry Consulting, started together with Blekinge County Council, Fujitsu, HiQ, Avalon and Google a project to conduct a feasibility study on how to meet the IVA requirement to present critical and relevant data to caregivers without disturbing audible alarm and flashing screens.
SUCCCE is a hands-free, advanced decision support tools for alarm management that provide physicians and other health professionals direct access to alarms from medical facilities as well as adequate medical information about the patient on a couple of smart glasses head-up display.
Smart glasses are worn just like regular prescription glasses. One can best describe them as a development of the smartphone - a way to freely access data without looking at and pressing a handheld device. A head-up display shown just above the eye presents the data in the field of view without disturbing the visibility.


Our team

Arnstein Njåstad

Development Manager

Over the past 25 years, Arnstein started four companies. He has extensive experience in operations, sales, project management, development and implementation of IT systems in health care in Sweden (quality control systems, medical records, lab specimens and operation / maintenance of the surgery).
Arnstein is an inspiring innovation leader with an interest in all parts of the innovation process, from concept to first product to reach the market. He has extensive experience in development projects in areas that combine information technology, healthcare, and business development in the healthcare sector.

Ursula Hass

Project Manager

Ursula Hass is working as a leader of change and development, project management, creation of cooperative consortiums, research management and research in VinnEx Nimed Center, Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Center for Medical Technology Assessment, Linköping University. She is a PhD and has supervised the projects regarding IT support in Hospital Connected home health care, and has extensive experience in developing new constellations in terms of both operations and finance.
Ursula is accustomed to working with and developing interdisciplinary / professional groups and have good insight into the health care business as well as patients' perspective. She has good methodological knowledge about the development and evaluation of the impact and benefit, and also experience of managing operations from research to commercial products.

Per-Henric Fridolfsson

Business, Economics and Law

Per-Henric works as a business developer and General consultant with a focus on economics, law and logistics. He has extensive experience in complex projects, with major clients and consortium-based solutions. Per-Henric has been the CEO of startups both within the production industry and consulting firms.
Solution-oriented and business-driven, he gives the group the opportunity to interact and take on new challenges. Using differences in order to create dynamism and progress in the process and be receptive to new ways of tackling an issue is the recipe for success for Per-Henric.

Charlotte Romare

Clinical Advisor

Charlotte is a critical care nurse specialized in intensive care, working at the Intensive Care Unit at Blekinge County Council. Since January 2017 she also part time PhD-student in Applied Health Technology with focus on nursing care. Her research project is about 'Smart glasses in intensive care, an innovation for alarm management and advanced decision support in complex care environments' and she recently got her first research article accepted for publication.

Rickard Fransson

Consultant Manager, Fujitsu Sweden, Karlskrona

Rickard is consultant manager in Karlskrona with responsibility for 30 consultants. The role he is holding is a combination of head of consultants and site manager. Rickard has 15 years of experience in the IT systems area with customer and business development, maximizing efficiency by digitalization in different types of industries and business support systems. He has extensive experience of, in dialogue with management at different levels, capturing needs and requirements. Rickard also has very high qualifications regarding sales activities.

Klas Nyström

CEO HiQ, Karlskrona

Klas is the CEO of a consulting company with 55+ employees. HiQ simplifies everyday life with the help of technology and helps their customers on their journey for digital transformation. HiQ believe in putting people and the business in the center and then applying technology to reach the optimal solution. Klas has 25+ years of experience as a manager / leader and seller in the ICT field.

Expert advisors

Lisa Skär

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Lisa has experience in planning and implementing eHealth projects with a clear user perspective, as well as knowledge and experience of research with systematic literature reviews and focus group interviews. She has experience in international cooperation by participating in EU-funded research projects as well as extensive experience in the dissemination of knowledge in the scientific community through publications.
Lisa is a driving and innovative researcher with great interest for research and its applications in the field of e-health. Her experience in the design and implementation of studies related to e-health and user perspective ensures high quality of needs assessments, which will form the basis for the development of SUCCCE concept.

Marie Svennerud

MD, ICU, Blekinge County Council

Eva Bergman Ottosson

Development Strategist, Blekinge County Council

Eva has experience in leading and coaching development and improvement work in both healthcare, telecom and shipbuilding. She has 20 years of experience as a nurse and midwife. In addition, Eva has experience of needs studies and education in user-oriented design and a growing interest in meeting the challenges of healthcare with the aid innovations and new innovative ways of working.

Andreas Berg

Medical equipments section, Blekinge County Council

Peter Franke

Medical equipments section, Blekinge County Council

Tobias C Larsson

Professor, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Mechanical engineer specializing in system innovations in the interaction between product and service